Moving on

Its been over a year since I last posted anything on my blog or even updated the static pages of this site which were meant to be my portfolio. But like many of my supposed great ideas, this one has fell flat on its ass. I guess I feel I should only blog when I have got something decent to talk about which kind of worries me, do I only have one decent thing to say per year? Answers on a postcard.

So what have I done in the past year. <summary>@media ajax, @media 2008, learned jquery, started playing golf again,rekindledfriendships with old college buddies, seen my team play in a european final, been to Barcelona, drank loads of WooWoos (my new andfavoritedrink)</summary>

Anyway onto the reason behind this creative burst. I am off to pastures new in my career, leaving Tesco Personal Finance in 2 weeks time for the position of senior web developer at STV. I must admit I am disappointed to be leaving TPF as the people I work with are great and the job can be very challenging, however the opportunity my new role presents me is very exciting and looks like theirs is a lot to get my teeth into. I am really looking forward to the challenges ahead, learning loads of new stuff and the extra time in bed each morning.

See you next year!

June 21st, 2008