Conference season

Whats that they say about 2 buses coming at once!

It’s Web Standards conference season again and a time when my own faith in the web development profession is reinstalled just when its taking a post Winter dip. This is the time of year when loads of new techniques are brought to my attention and you get to meet a load of Geeks who enjoy the same things you do. I always leave these conferences thinking “Man I love what I do”

My yearly highlight is a trip to London for @Media in June, its a brilliant couple of days with plenty of interesting talks and lots of boozing afterwards. I have attended the previous 2 years @Media’s and I thought @Media 2005 was better than @Media 2006 because it was more intimate and I like to see the white of the speakers eyes. 2006 was huge and had 2 streams to choose from which always leaves me with some last minute decision making.

The most recent conference I attended was The Highland Fling, it reminded me of @Media 2005, very intimate and had some excellent speakers. I am also slightly biased as the conference was arranged by my friend and former colleague Alan White who is getting his just rewards for some hard work (and hard drinking) over the last few years. @Media 2007 will have a lot to live up to.

Here the way I see my @media day panning out, though to be honest this will likely change on the day:

@media 2007 day 1

  • Jesse James Garrett: Beyond Ajax
  • Molly E. Holzschlag: The Broken World: Solving the Browser Problem Once and For All
  • Nate Koechle: High Performance Web Pages
  • Richard Ishida: Designing for International Users: Practical Tips
  • Dan Webb: The Mysteries Of JavaScript-Fu
  • Joe Clark: When Web Accessibility Is Not Your Problem

@media 2007 day 2

  • Jon Hicks: How to be a Creative Sponge
  • Jeremy Keith: Bulletproof Ajax
  • Shawn Lawton Henry: Advancing Web Accessibility
  • Tantek Çelik: Microformats, Building Blocks, and You
  • Hot Topics Panel