1. Site rebuild

    Like a Phoneix from the flames the Clawg Blog has been risen once again.

  2. Web development for the PS3

    The PS3 uses the NetFront browser. Developing for this is like web development in the days when ie5.5 or ie6 were the dominant browsers.

  3. Mobile website development tips

    I have been developing a few mobile sites recently and want to document the things I have found out along the way. Keep it relative – Use percentages for horizontal widths and em’s for vertical padding and margins. I have found this to be the most consistent way of getting results without pixels. Let it [...]

  4. iPhone 4 - 12, 18 & 24 Month Contracts

    I done some research on iphone 4 contracts before deciding on who to go with. The values in bold are the actual cost of the phone once you pay your monthly bill and the cost of the phone. 24 Month Contracts 02 £25 pm - 100m, unlimited txt, 500 data, £279 phone = £36.61 30...

  5. Web Conferences - Are they worth it?

    I have been to about 8 major web development conferences over the past 5 years. So at a rate of more than 1 per year I would say I am quite well placed to comment on whether they are worth the money. To cut a long story short the answer is YES. If you leave [...]

  6. HTC Hero vs Nokia N97

    After 6 months of frustration I have decided to bite the bullet and get rid of my Nokia N97 and replace it with the HTC Hero. Nokia’s flagship device of 2009 is a big failure and here are a few reasons why: Setting Up I wrote a post about 5 months ago detailing the problems [...]

  7. Google Rich Snippets – Review and Events

    I have added event and review rich snippets to the venue pages and business pages on STVLocal. Rich snippets allow you to tag information within the page which Google can then take and use as part of the Search Engine Results Page. For a venue Google will pull out 3 events for that venue, giving [...]

  8. Modern CSS techniques

    I have updated this site with a few techniques that I have been reading about in the web dev community. Some of them are pretty obvious and others are simply code tweeks. I have took the attitude of using advanced CSS techniques that will only get seen in modern browsers, also known as “too hell [...]

  9. Nokia N97 for Mac OS X users

    After some consideration I bought the Nokia 97 last week over a few other phones I was looking at. My decision was based on the camera and FM radio that I felt gave it the edge over the iphone + I am would not be tied to a 2 year contract as I could get [...]

  10. Positioning ad code at the end of the page

    Sites that need to generate ad revenue are often littered with ad scripts throughout the HTML. If these ads break or take a while to download it can delay the time it takes your site to appear. It would make more sense to serve the ads as the last item in the document, thus allowing all page content to load first. After all the user has not came to your site to see your ads.